Team 2 : “Regulation of allogeneic immune responses in renal transplantation”

Tuesday 5 May 2015

Team leader

Titre : DR1. CNRS.
Last name : MOONEY
Name : Nuala
Mail :
Secretariat :
Tél. : 33 (0)1 42 38 53 46
Research Theme
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Dr Lara Zafrani est lauréate du prix de recherche de l’European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESCIM) 2016

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Research Theme

“Regulation of allogeneic immune responses in renal transplantation”

The project of this team is based upon recent data regarding immunological mechanisms implicated in decreased allograft survival. Progress in the development of immunosuppressive therapies pre- and post-organ transplantation have led to the emergence of a new profile of allograft damage. The most frequent time course of rejection is now chronic rather than acute. To date mediators of chronic rejection have been identified only in the context of their association with the clinical outcome of transplantation and neither the basic immunobiology nor potential for intervention have been examined. The project encompasses three complementary axes of research : (i) the role of endothelial cells in the initiation and regulation of the alloimmune response leading to chronic antibody-mediated rejection (AMR); (ii) the mechanisms of HLA class II antibody pathogenesis ; (iii) innate immune response regulation of allograft survival.

List of members

MOONEY Nuala dr1 cnrs
Alloanticorps et cellules endothéliales en transplantation
Nuala Mooney DR1 CNRS
Denis Glotz PPH P7
Carmen Lefaucheur PPH P7
Jean-Luc Taupin PU-PH P7
Lara Zafrani MCU-PH P7
Julien Lion Post-doctorant P7
Amy Cross Doctorant P7
Caroline Suberbielle PH APHP
Maryvonnick Carmagnat PH APHP
Andrey Zaytsev M2 P6
Cellules myéloides et inflammation en transplantation
Alain Haziot DR2 INSERM
Didier Payen PPH P7
Marie-Noelle Péraldi PPH P7
Valerie Faivre IE P7 (Larib.)
Benjamin Chousterman CCA P7
Benjamin Huot PH APHP
Benjamin Soyer CCA P7
Samuel Gauguin CCA P7
Karine Poussin IE INSERM
Shannon Cohen Doctorant P7
Fadila Mourah Doctorant P7


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